Compost in the Kitchen.

Are you losing out on one of your garden’s greatest assets?

Compost proof life after death
There are few problems in a garden that can’t be solved, even if just partly, by the addition of compost to your soil.

Poor soil structure, few nutrients, poor water retention etc can all be improved by adding organic matter to the soil. The best news is that your garden needs a lot of the same things you do. We tend to throw away vast amounts of nutrients in the form of peels, egg shells and coffee grinds- all of which could benefit your garden.

To make compost, all you really need is a warm spot. organic material, and some water, and Nature will take it’s course. As always, BioGardening uses what Nature provides, and you can make use of our Bio-Activator to speed up the composting process. This means your food scraps can go from kitchen to garden in an even shorter time!

To make things easier, it helps to have a container specifically for kitchen scraps around, which can then be emptied on the compost heap/ in the composter. One of those plastic containers that mysteriously lost its lid works perfectly for this, but if you need a more elegant solution, BioGardening went shopping to bring you the best of kitchen food scrap containers.

Compost: 5 Kitchen scrap containers to make your life easier

1. A cupboard-mounted bin to keep things neat and tidy.(Gelmar)

2. Mount a small bin under your countertop for quick and easy disposal of your scraps. (Franke Online).

Inset bin

Inset bin

3. Humble and Mash’s countertop bin has a lid and carbon filter to keep things in the kitchen fresh. (Yuppiechef).

Countertop compost container

Countertop container

4. Speaking of containers with lids, kids’ party buckets also make a great food scrap container, on the cheap. (Partynet.)

Party bucket container

Party buckets make great food scrap containers

5. Add subtle colour to your kitchen with a lilac galvanized bucket. (Plasticland).

Lilac bucket

Lilac bucket

So, you have no excuse not to make your kitchen work for your garden!

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